When Words
Don’t Come Easy

Merger of Minds is a peer group of adults with Complex Communication Needs (CCN) in Perth, Western Australia.

The group has been meeting for a number of years. Together with their friends, families and supporters, the members have learned how to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to understand language, express thoughts and ideas, and to make plans and decisions.

Merger has also worked on finding ways for people with complex communication needs to be public speakers.

In 2020 Merger decided to support everyone in the group to write and present a talk about themselves. Merger members also shared their thoughts on how they prefer people to connect with them. People in relationship with the Merger group members were interviewed about the contributions that people with CCN make in their relationships with others and in their community.

Here are the chapters of the film based around the talks given by each of the group members. The individual talks are also available on their own under each chapter.

To view more information about the process we used click the link below: